Nuez de la India

The answer is simply yes, all the seeds are the same. Many may claim to have an A grade due to the price been alot higher than others but this is not true at all. The Nuez de la India is the seed that made thousands and thousands of people lose weight in America, its popularity has expanded all over the world. The different properties that this seed has and all the positive aspects it does to your body makes it the most efficient weight loss product known till today.

Pictured below is the seed

What makes you lose weight with Nuez de la India?

The seed Nuez de la India is also known in America as the miracle seed, reason being that anyone that has taken it that could never lose a single pound have found in this product a solution to their problem and that is because The Nuez de la India will cause the need of burning body fat in your organism. This is because Nuez de la India generates activity in your digestive system in such a way that it makes you process the meals that you’ve consumed in the same day that you ate them.

This way your body will not have the necessary time to be able to absorb all the calories that make you gain weight, on the other hand by forcing your organism to process the meals as you eat them, there won’t be enough calories in your body for all your daily activities, therefore whenever your body needs energy and it cannot find it in the calories of your meals, it will then start using your own body fat that’s been accumulated in your back, arms, legs, stomach etc. as energy and that way you will burn it effectively.

Will Nuez de la India eliminate toxins from your body?

So how does this miracle seed really work ?

Nuez de la India will get rid of those extra pounds of feces that you have stuck inside your body that cause you to gain weight by stacking up and make you grow a big belly. Nuez de la India will clear any excess of feces in your intestine, when your intestine is saturated with that many feces it causes a pressure against the skin in your abdomen, the layer of fat inside of you and even your internal organs, because of this your organism can’t make any natural movements that are required to be able to get rid of what your body doesn’t need, when you clear this out, you activate your natural functions of your organism that will then function as an effective fat burner.

Yes, it forms a layer with the oil found inside the seed along the walls of your large intestine, eliminating layers of old feces that have been stuck for a long time in your large intestine, that way your body will start working better by renovating your organism thanks to the effects of Nuez de la India, this way your life will be better and of course you will be able to process your nutrients faster and lose weight!.

Does Nuez de la India suppress appetite ?

Yes, Nuez de la India prevents appetite disorders and also lowers the anxiety of smoking and it allows you to have a good night sleep, this is because the Nuez de la India has natural relaxing properties, and by getting rid of appetite disorders your body will get back to regular eating habits without suffering, Also by helping you sleep better as you may know not having the necessary amount of sleep throughout the night will cause you to be tired and your body works slower than usual but thanks to Nuez de la India you will no longer have that problem as you will be able to sleep better and naturally your organism will function how it’s supposed to and it will help you lose weight!

Where can I buy Nuez de la india in South Africa ?

You can order your Nuez de la India via our website, OMG ADZ SHOP (online) or a stockist near you. Get Wholesale Prices from R250 for Minimum order of 10 packs or more at a time. Contact us on the numbers below for more information.

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